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Activities protection, Intelligence, Advices.

Identification of need
MI²LTON offers its products and services based on a thorough study of the customer.
Developing the solution
Based on rich and complementary skills and experiences, MI²LTON members will come up with a customized solution that suits your needs.
MI²LTON will accompany you throughout the implementation of the service or the product. Our advice at the end of the transaction will allow you to maintain for the long haul the innovative character of the solution.

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  • The Team

    Trust, alignment of objectives but above all complementary skills!

  • Our Values

    Symbol of our total commitment, these values shared by each member of MI²LTON are the assurance of professionalism that animates the company.

  • Innovative solutions

    Based on a solid experience, each product or service of MI²LTON is based on a common will to evolve.

  • Many unique trainings

    Based on a unique experience, our instructions have been designed to match the missions of special forces and intelligence units.