Zenmuse H20N
  • Zenmuse H20N
  • Zenmuse H20N
  • Zenmuse H20N

Zenmuse H20N

12396 € HT


  • Dual zoom and wide angle starlight sensor
  • Double radiometric thermal sensor zoom and wide angle
  • 1200m laser rangefinder.
  • Smart features
  • Compatibility: DJI 300RTK matrix
  • DJI Care Enterprise Basic 12 months insurance included
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Complete description Zenmuse H20N

The new DJI Zenmuse H20N camera, compatible with the Matrix 300RTK drone, is dedicated to night missions and is capable of detecting light sources as low as 0.0001 lux.

It benefits from starlight sensors integrated to its zoom and wide angle cameras. Combined with the thermal and zoom cameras and the laser rangefinder, you get a versatile hybrid payload that meets your expectations.

With the infrared zoom, find hot spots and inspect zoomed-in areas in detail. Both thermal imaging cameras offer 2x and 8x zoom respectively, for a maximum total zoom of 32x.

The H20N supports synchronized zooming between Starlight thermal and night vision cameras. Users can shade the images simultaneously. This multiplies efficiency and makes it easier to compare details side by side.


  • Dual radiometric thermal camera:
    Resolution: 640x512 @30Hz
    2x zoom (equivalent focal length: 53mm)
    8x zoom (equivalent focal length: 196mm)

  • Wide angle camera with night vision :
    2MP starlight sensor
    Powerful performance in low light condition

  • Night vision zoom camera:
    4MP starlight sensor
    23x optical zoom, 128x total zoom
    Details in low light conditions

  • Laser rangefinder :
    Wavelength 905nm
    Measuring range from 3m to 1200m.
    Accuracy: +/- (0.2m + D x 0.15%) where D is the target distance

Zoom camera of the H20T :

Camera starlight zoom of the H20N :

The camera feedback is displayed in real time on your Smart Controller Enterprise. The new user interface allows you to quickly switch between the wide angle, zoom and thermal camera, and gives a preview of the zoom FOV in the wide angle or thermal camera.

Simultaneous view on the Smart Controller Enterprise:

Zenmuse H20N camera features:

  • High resolution photo grid: Frame the area of interest with the wide angle camera view, and the zoom camera will automatically capture a set of 20 MP images of the area.  These images are stored along with an overview image for a more detailed look.

  • Pin Point: A quick click marks an object in view and the data fusion algorithms provide its coordinates immediately.

  • Smart Tracking: Identify and track moving subjects such as people, vehicles and boats with the automatic zoom function, while obtaining the dynamic position of the subject continuously. These images are stored with an overview image for a more detailed look.

  • One-click panorama

  • Accurate Temperature Measurement: Monitor the temperature of a site or asset to eliminate risk with accurate air temperature measurement. With Spot Measurement, tap a spot to read the surface temperature in real time. Zone measurements show the maximum, minimum and average temperature of the area you select. You can also set a specific temperature range to find what you're looking for. You can receive instant notifications in DJI Pilot when the temperature of certain objects on the screen exceeds the limit you have previously set. Finally, you'll be able to adjust the colors applied to the thermal data and set gain modes according to your specific mission needs.


DJI Care Enterprise Basic insurance is included with any purchase of the Zenmuse H20N camera. This insurance allows you to benefit from a replacement camera in case of incident (fall, breakage, water damage etc.) in return for a reduced lump sum (1040€ for the 1st replacement, 1150€ for the 2nd replacement). This insurance is included for 12 months from the purchase of the camera and can be renewed once.

Technical specifications Zenmuse H20N

IP Rating IP 44
Operating Temperature -20°C à +50°C
External storage MicroSD card up to 128GB (not included), UHS-1 Class 3 required
Sensor Zoom sensor: 1/1.8'' 'MP CMOS; wide angle sensor: 1/2.7 2MP CMOS; laser rangefinder
Focal length 29mm wide angle starlight sensor; 53mm wide angle thermal sensor
Zoom 23x hybrid zoom, 128x full zoom
Video resolution NC
Video format MP4
Photo format JPEG
Picture resolution NC
Camera mode NC
Sensor resolution 640x512 @30Hz
Zoom (thermal sensor) up to x8
Picture format R-JPEG (16 bit)
EO/ IR simultaneous video return Yes
Wavelength 905nm
Measuring range 3 - 1,200 m (vertical surface with ≥ 12 m diameter and 20% reflectance)
Measuring accuracy ± (0.2 m + Dx0.15%) where D is the distance to a vertical surface
Weight 875 gr
Customized drone pack

Customized drone pack Let's build your pack together

MILTON's teams are trained to meet your needs with customized solutions. Performance, technologies, payloads, training, maintenance: you can determine with our teams the specifications of the offer that will perfectly meet your needs and adapt to your procedures.

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  • Complete M300RTK kit: a ready-to-fly kit, including 1 DJI Zenmuse H20, H20T or H20N camera, 3 sets of TB60 batteries (6 batteries) and 1 BS60 charging case
  • Battery life up to 55 minutes (without payload)
  • Real-time video streaming up to 8 km
  • Automatic waypoint navigation system
  • Data security, AES-256 standard data encryption
  • Autonomy pack: 3 sets of batteries TB60 (6 batteries) and 1 charging case BS60 included
  • Warning: this pack does not include a camera. These must be ordered separately
  • Battery life up to 55 minutes (without payload)
  • Real-time video streaming up to 8 km
  • Automatic waypoint navigation system
  • Data security, AES-256 standard data encryption
  • Certification package: allows you to carry out a mission in complete safety
  • Battery life up to 55 minutes (without payload)
  • Real-time video streaming up to 8 km
  • Automatic waypoint navigation system
  • Data security, AES-256 standard data encryption
8km (CE) / 15km (FCC)
45 minutes (with the H20 camera)
Type of payload
EO sensor Thermal sensor Third party payload
Sensor performance
1/2'' 48MP CMOS, 16x zoom 640x512 30Hz Speaker, projector...

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